A bit about Inner Light Coffee Shop

Anita and John are both vegetarians and dairy and gluten free. In the last few years we have travelled the world quite extensively and have often found it hard to find appetizing vegetarian food that isn’t pasta primavera. Looking for palatable gluten free food is even harder. Some gluten free foods we have been served with I wouldn’t give the pigs to eat. Therefore the Inner Light is just the sort of place we would like to have been able to find on our travels.
Unfortunately the pandemic along with the lockdowns and restrictions has meant we could not survive as a business so have been forced to close. It has been a sad time as we had been in business for exactly 4 years. We hope in 2021 that Anita will be able to offer her Gluten free and dairy free cakes, scones and pies directly to customers. We are also contemplating having our pop up vegan dinners once the covid-19 restrictions are no longer in place.
We did a lot of research and tasting to find the best quality ingredients that are organic wherever possible with only real free range eggs used. The gluten free bread and bakery items are all excellent tasting fresh and very “un-gluten free”. Many times customers do not believe when told that the bread really is gluten free as “it tastes too nice to be gluten free”. Anita has also perfected Gluten Free cakes and scones that you won’t realize they are gluten-free as they taste so good.
Gluten-free food has got a bad rap for being expensive and not palatable, so we are showing that gluten free can be tasty and not cost and arm and a leg. All our coffees are rainforest alliance, fairtrade and organic and the loose leaf teas are fair trade. We use sustainable sources and recycle as much as possible. Even our take away cups and containers are fully compostable, not cheap to buy but needn’t go in the landfill.
We try and use local suppliers as much as possible so that our ingredients do not acquire too many frequent flyer miles. The ambiance in the cafe is restful and peaceful with soft music and a slideshow display of wildlife.